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Stagea (1996-2001)

WGC34, WGNC34, WHC34

The very first Stagea is produced on platform of well known Skyline R33. This model comes with various engines- 2.0 litre SOHC, 2.5 litre DOHC and 2.5 litre turbo which prodeces 235 horse power. In 1998 the model went through slight changes- at the front we can find fog lights and engines were tweaked. Simple engines were added with NEO system and turbo versions increase their output to 280 horse power. Four wheel drive versions now have manual 5 speed gear boxes.

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1 Stagea HM35, M35, NM35, PM35, PNM35

This is second generation Stagea. It has new rear suspention that is designed for V6 engine (FM package), such novel approach increased ride comfort and safety of all passangers, also it made the car internally with bigger space.
Engine VQ 2.5 lt with turbo which has 206kW option or 3.0 litre
Internally you can find exceptional sound with BOSE system
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1 Galant  
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1 Caldina

Modification GT-FOUR has 2.0 litre engine with 206kW and new 4 speed gearbox. It has V6 engine type RB.

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