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$1.00 (AUD) = JPY
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carImport.com.au With many years of experience in the car import business we are well connected to top quality sources across the world and can find you exactly the car you require. Our current stock of popular imports is updated daily and can be viewed online. We are always delighted to fulfil more specific specialised requirements including the provision of prestige marques.

Special introductionary rate: $440.00
all inclusive.

What is included in our fee:

  • Vehicle pre auction inspection
  • Taking photographs as per check list
  • Advise of approximate market value
  • Participation at car auction
  • Bidding on your behalf

If your bid was successful

  • Arranging Import Approval for your car with Department of Transport (Canberra)
  • Transporting your car from auction site to nearest port in Japan
  • Car de registration in Japan
  • Applying for Import Certificate in Japan
  • Booking space for your vehicle on the earliest available vessel
  • Arranging for the car to be loaded on a earliest available vessel
  • Customs clearance in Japan
  • Custom clearance in Australia
  • Selecting best and fastest quarantine inspection and steam cleaning if necessary
  • Transporting your car to compliance place (you can choose it)
  • Compliance and registration of your vehicle
We are here to help

Acting on your behalf, carImport and our team of car import specialists will give you the best advice at every stage of the import process, handling everything from shipping arrangements to car import registration and testing. Our close ties with car transport companies ensure the best possible quotes should you require the vehicle delivered directly to you.
Our Mission

Our aim is to pass huge savings on to our clients by providing the largest selection of Japanese vehicles online. As our company is Australian registered with offices based in the Sydney, we will offer comprehensive support for all our clients. Import with confidence and security by dealing with an Australian registered company.

We have trained mechanics at the large auction halls. This allows us to inspect the vehicle before purchasing. Many agents are simply web based and unable to physically inspect. This is very important as the auction hall only gives basic information about the vehicles being auctioned.