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Welcome to carImport.com.au!

If you are thinking to import a vehicle from Japan- this is the place for you!

We believe, that cars that are build for Japanese market are much superior in quality and number of features to cars that are selling outside of Japan.

You can find much better cars overseas with much better value than the second-hand cars you'd find in Australia... And for a much better price! And that's what WE do for you: we find you the car of your dreams that will not break your bank account! So if you're thinking on buying second-hand cars or even a new one, DO NOT DO IT BEFORE TALKING TO US!

Why do we recommend buying a Japanese import?

The advantage for you to buy Direct and from the Auction (not a dealer or private seller) is simple. You will have a luxury not only to be the first owner of your car in Australia but having all supporting paperwork about your car will be in your hands.

(Auction grade, Car features, Extra equipment that it might have, Damages if any- all scratches, dents, etc will be detailed described on the auction sheet, you will know if there were any repairs to your car). You will know everything there is to know about your car from Japanese car auction sheet even prior to your purchase.

It is almost impossible to buy imported car from Japan with all supported paperwork the most important of which is Auction sheet. Some of the reasons provided by a seller- Dealer or Private, would be it was purchased from a large and well known dealership or it was purchased from a private seller (normally it will be lady driver).

You can just simply believe them or simply take control in your hands and let us help you to import a car for you.

How can we help you import car?

We are your one stop shop import broker! If you are after advice- it is FREE, speak to us If you need help to:

  • Source best possible car in Japan
  • Transport car from auction yard/ dealer to Japanese port
  • Customs clearance in Japan
  • Custom clearance in Australia
  • Transporting your car to and from compliance shop to anywhere in Australia
  • Compliance and registration of your vehicle
After trying to find one agent that can do everything for me – find car of my dreams, import it and comply it for Australian rules and standards I decided to do everything myself because there was nobody to do it at competitive rate. Initially I successfully brought one car (Nissan Skyline CPV 35 2004 model manual) and then decided to help other people to enjoy Japanese cars that were built for Japan (that means higher quality and more luxury than just a car that is build in Japan for export).

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