Car Buying Check List In the last few years we have developed unique check list for our buyers to assist them with car purchase. Please find sample list of what our Japanese agent checks for you prior to auction:
Item Description what to look for
Overall car body Does it match auction sheet description
Photograph all the damages displayed on auction sheet
Are there any additional damages that are not displayed on auction sheet?
Take Photograph
Wheels and Tyres Photograph front and back tyre for wear & tear condition
Any damages on alloy wheels?
Car underbody At least three Photographs (checking for damage/ rust)
Any signs of oil leakage Check underbody as wells as engine section
Oil colour When the oil was changed last time
Floor mats If any- original or aftermarket
Any signs of cigarette burns on car interiors  
Condition of steering wheel & gear box stick To check wear and tear
Is there reversing camera Check if it works
Service history/ Log book  
Spare key  
Alarm & remote controls  
Spare tyre  
Wheel nuts  
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