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    Auction Sheet

carImport.com.au Every car that is to be auctioned will have Auction Sheet displayed. This is very important piece of document that will have a lot of information about a vehicle shown on one page.

Auction Sheet

Japanese Auction sheet includes following information:

  • Lot number
  • Make and model of a car
  • Year it was manufactured (not registered as it can vary)
  • Kilometers traveled
  • Fuel type
  • Gear box type
  • Engine size
  • Number of seats
  • Private or Business use
  • Shaken
  • Vehicle equipment

Most important of which are

  • Overall vehicle auction grade
  • Grade of interior conditions
  • Existing Structural/ Cosmetic/ Mechanical damages this will be shown on a diagram and written in special notes.
  • sales points- will show what extra features and options car might have

Most of information will be written in Japanese. This is not an issue since as part of our service will provide you with detailed translation of car features.