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carImport.com.au We have access to most major Auction Houses in Japan. Our coverage include following Auctions:

  • Tuesday---USS Yokohama
  • Wednesday---CAA Chubu
  • Thursday---USS Tokyo
  • Friday---USS Nagoya and USS West-Tokyo
  • Saturday---USS Gunma, HAA

Our preference is to use our Japanese Agent to bid on our behalf. Japanese auctions are held on site as well as online. There are strict rules and guide lines to be followed at the auction. Most of the auctions will have four cars being sold at the same time as a result it can be complicated process. On average it takes 40 seconds for a car to be sold at the auction- it can become complicated for outsiders. That is why we use local agent who knows secrets of the trade at the auctions.

Prior to auctions every car has to go through Independent Auction Inspectors. They will be checking cars (interior plus exterior) for any previous accidents/ damages/ defects, etc. Everything there is to know will be displayed at Inspectors report- Auction Sheet.

As you can see unlike Australian car auctions where buyer is responsible for car inspection Japanese Auctions have very stringent steps that have to be followed before any car goes to auction.